Meet the people who make

Madam & Adam one of Hereford's favourite restaurants. Personally overlooking every aspect of running an independent restaurant we put extra attention to excellent service and impeccable cooking.


   Beth Thompson - Manager

Beth is the heart and soul of our restaurant. She's always laughing and constantly has a smile on her face. She loves Italian food, marmite toast and watermelon. In her free time she enjoys walking, planning the next adventure, doing multi-thousand piece jigsaw puzzles and watching "Gilmore Girls". She's always dreaming big and finds life very exciting.


   Swav Adam Lewandowski - Chef

Swav was born in Poland and moved to Hereford when he was 19. He is the creative mind behind the conception of menus and his heritage clearly influences it. He loves Italian food and midnight snacks. His free time is hugely dominated by board games. He also enjoys canoeing, long walks and DIY-ing. He strongly believes that "all good things come to those who work hard to earn them."


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Madam & Adam

23 Bridge Street



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